Bahan Ajar Umum


Terbitan Pro Media, berupa VCD yang dapat digunakan menggunakan komputer atau VCD Player.

Harga Rp. 30.000,-/CD (belum termasuk biaya kirim)

VCD 1. Parting, Daily Expression, Dates, Cardinal Number, Introducing

VCD 2. Introduction to a Stranger, Conversation Practice, Time

VCD 3. Simple Present Tense, Greeting, Telling, Chatting

VCD 4. Practice Simple Present Tense, Asking for Information, Forgiving and Asking for Apology

VCD 5. Modal Auxiliary (Can, Must, Should, May, Does), Asking with “How Much”, Some, Many, A lot of, Any, Adverb of Frequency (Always, Often, Generally, Usually, Sometimes, dll)

VCD 6. Conversation, Expressing Want, Praising Someone, Forming Yes or No Question

VCD 7. Singing, Present Continous Tense, Vocabulary

VCD 8. Present Perfect Tense, Expressing Sympathy, Commands & Requests

VCD 9. Present Perfect Continous Tense, Expressing Pleasure, Too, Either, Neither

VCD 10. Simple Past Tense

VCD 11. Reading, Past Tense Form Was / Were, “It / They” Refers to Something

VCD 12. Someone, somebody, everyone, everybody, anyone, anybody, something, anything, everything

VCD 13. Past Continuous Tense, The Use of “How Far, How Much”, The Use of “Either, Neither”

VCD 14. Past Perfect Tense, Past Perfect Continuous Tense, Conjungtion

VCD 15. Past Perfect Continous Tense, The Adjective With, Present Perfect Continous Tense

VCD 16. Telling Request, Simple Future Tense, Future Continous Tense, Future Perfect Tense, Future Perfect Continous Tense


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